Senstar is the trusted choice and industry leader in perimeter security solutions. Our company researches, develops, manufactures and markets the largest portfolio of sensor technology based security products and systems in the world.

For more than 30 years, our perimeter intrusion detection products have been protecting thousands of sites in more than 80 countries, representing over 30,000 kilometers of installed product. Senstar products provide reliable detection of intruders as soon as they enter restricted or sensitive areas, giving you the advanced warning required to respond.

By offering products that we manufacture, we can service, customize and expand to meet the requirements for any project.

From sensors to alarm monitoring and control, infrared illuminators to CCTV solutions, Senstar delivers superior technology, products and service in providing you with a complete security solution.



Against Perimeter and Physical Barrier Intrusion

Terminus Shock Sensors provide early intrusion detection and warning before intruders can break inside. Terminus Shock Detection products are specially designed to be mounted on physical barriers such as doors, fences, windows, walls, roofs, and more.

In addition, Terminus Shock Sensors provide the highest level of intrusion detection for a variety of applications, inclu


AKEX America, Inc. (formerly known as PULNiX Sensors, Inc.) is a World Leader in Security and Industrial Automation Sensors.

TAKEX is committed to providing our loyal customers with the finest quality sensor products and superior customer support. We know our strength depends on our business customers, for over 25 years these customers have made and continue to make us stronger.


Driveway security and home automation begin with Cartell at the end of your driveway. Cartell systems invisibly monitor your driveway so you’re made aware a vehicle has entered your property long before it reaches your home, taking away the element of surprise from drive-up visitors.

When a vehicle drives up, our systems can turn on lights at night, alert you with sounders, trigger cameras and activate security, home automation, lighting, and landscape systems.

Our invisible free exit systems open your automatic gate so you and your visitors can leave without the use of pesky remotes or key fobs or fiddling with a keypad. And because our units offer the lowest stand-by current consumption in the industry, they enhance any solar gate application.

We’ve been doing this for over thirty-eight years; our products are feature-rich and made in the U.S.; and we have the best warranty in our industry.


For almost 20 years, TraceTek has been the most reliable and accurate fluid leak detection system for Commercial, Industrial, and Environmental applications.

A leak detection system may be installed and operate continuously 5, 10, 15 years or more before being called on to provide the earliest warning of a leak. And after all that time, the system must operate perfectly, providing positive detection of a small leak, and accuracy in the leak location. There are few systems in any facility that must perform as well as the leak detection systems, and even fewer tasked with protecting the most critical systems and equipment.

Master Security Doors

Going beyond strength, Master builds beauty into every door. Reflecting a European passion for style, we offer a fine selection of panels and elegant handle sets to complement your architectural look.

Around the world Master Security Doors are known for superiority. Recognized by ISO-9002 certification, the international gold standard of quality, Master has surpassed the most demanding European and USA code tests for various security requirements. Our extensive line of products range from Hurricane to Tornado to highly customized doors such as our Invisible Door or our Secret Bookcase line. Check out our Products tab for more information.

Master Security Doors

Prestige Safe

Prestige Safe is the leading supplier of high security safes and vault rooms for the jewelry and financial industries as well as luxury safes for homeowners.

They offer the widest selection of standard designed safes, and specialize in custom built safes.

Their 100 year old history assures you quality, value and service, as well as the confidence in knowing that your valuables are secure in the world’s strongest and most beautiful safes.

Prestige Safe


Ten years ago, in 1999, VITEK began providing low cost security cameras and monitors to distributors out of a quaint 2000 square foot warehouse in beautiful (not so much) Sun Valley California. Today, we have two shipping warehouses on the East and West Coast of the United States and a state-of-the-art training and sales facility in Valencia Ca. Our products cover a full range of CCTV solutions in every marketable aspect and our service is (in my biased opinion!) second to none.


CheckVideo Central Service is a cloud-based video surveillance software platform that integrates seamlessly with leading central station automation software, sending video alerts to the command center for immediate assessment and response. It works with all CheckVideo devices and enables them to be configured and managed online.

  • Send video alerts to the command center, smartphones or emails
  • Remotely configure and manage all CheckVideo devices online from the CheckVideo Web Portal
  • Instantly access video event clips, live streaming, and recorded video online from the CheckVideo Web Portal
  • Securely store video event clips in the cloud
  • Automatically update devices in the field – no service calls needed
  • Easily expand system with additonal devices